No short cuts to heaven..!

So the other day me and my friend were talking and something interesting came up which I am about to discuss in this post.

You might have experienced it too as It’s very common nowadays on social media and cellular networks. You get this message saying if you love Allah forward this massage or if you truly believe in the Prophet share this post and you will be blessed with jannah(heaven) or other benefits however, if you fail to do so you will have to face dire consequences. I also would like to mention here that such kind of messages are not restricted to our religion or any particular part of the world but are wide spread around the globe in one form or another, trying to scare people off from some devine power and get them to do something which has nothing to do with divinity and are only related to online traffic and website ratings. Sharing such stuff, no matter how thoughtful, genuine or scary it seems, will only benefit the tech junkies and the people who hire them and will do little to no good to you in this life or the one after it.

Also, a sincere plea to those people who think that sharing a verse from a holy book (with a threat in the disclaimer) will prove their love towards their religion or is enough for fulfilling their moral or religious duties. Stop doing it, you are fooling no one but yourselves. I don’t want to sound rude but seriously, who do you think you are dodging? God? Do you really think clicking on some random post once a day will even out all the bad stuff you did all day and clear your path so that you could go straight to the heaven? Do you really believe it is that simple? Instead of trying to make yourself a better person and make amends for your wrong doings you choose the easy way out… The social media way! Just click all your sins away! I genuinely believe that people do these things to calm down the nagging voices in their heads which keep calling them out on their misdeeds. 

Breaking news…it ain’t happening! So, instead of deluding yourself into thinking that there is a short cut to heaven, start reflecting on the things which make you feel guilty enough to indulge in these sort of nonsensical activities and try to eliminate them from your life. Trust me it’s a long and hard way but it’s the safest way to get you where you want to be.

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