Keep flowing

Flowing water never goes stale, so always keep flowing!


-Bruce Lee


We should talk…


Today I am having an extensive desire to have a conversation, a proper, meaningful conversation. It’s been too long since I have talked to someone…like really talk, not just those meaningless pleasantries.  I have been asked this week how I was, over a hundred times, and every single time I said “I am OK, great”. What I really wanted was for someone to just ask me again, ask if I am really OK and ask like they mean it but I know they don’t and to be fair, eighty percent of the time, neither do I when I ask them the same question in return. You know what I realized?  People don’t ask you about your well-being because they want to know or care; rather it’s their default reaction towards anyone they meet on daily basis and had to be polite with- a robotic response to human contacts.

I have noticed that the romance nowadays has turned into a social media fiasco to make each other jealous of one’s own self-achieved couple goals, instead of being happy about having being blessed with  the company of a loved one, people care more about telling the world about it. A sacred shared moment between two people has now being shared to a million people to gain maximum hits and likes, from people who actually don’t give a damn about you.  All this over sharing makes me think, what happened to people who wanted the world to just get lost while in the company of their love, what happened to romance? What happened to genuine conversations and the language of silence?

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I would love to talk to someone about the state of the world, about the problems of being an adult, about matters of life and love, share with me what’s in that beautiful mind of yours through your presence, words and quietude.  I believe the reason we don’t talk any more is because we avoid sharing anything real and hide behind the unseen yet solid shield of social media. We resort to clicking ‘like’ and ‘share’ instead of actually sharing how we feel in person, because we feel the other person doesn’t want to know, I guess everyone feels that way and in the end we all end up sharing everything which doesn’t matter but nothing which matters.

What I want today is to mourn with you, mourn the loss of good old romance, grief the absence of long heartfelt conversations, and shed a tear over ever growing lack of personal connection. So, talk to me today,may be over a cup of coffee or at the side of the river, and fill the void in my life with words…both spoken and unspoken.

‘HE’ has a plan…

Trust me I know. I know when it feels like life is going upside down, like all your plans have been failed that nothing is going as you want it to be. I’ll tell you a secret, everyone feels that way at some point, but everyone gets over that feeling eventually and that’s because life has a tendency to get better and sometimes, even better than the better.


All your plans weren’t working because ‘HIS’ plan was in motion, and one thing that can never go wrong is ‘HIS’ plan. HE has far bigger and better plans than you and I can ever hope to make.


You can not seem to reach the end of the road because HE needs you on the top of the mountain. You were unable to stop the the disaster because you were meant to come out as a survivor. You couldn’t get the one you loved because HE wants you to be with someone who loves you. You can’t sing a song because you are suppose to be writing a book. You didn’t get the dream job because, maybe, HE wants you to lead a revolution and change the world. If something isn’t happening than may be it isn’t suppose to happen and if it really is then it will happen eventually, everything will fall into place because all that is happening right now, the good and the bad, it’s part of the plan.

So if things don’t go as you desired , its only because extraordinary things are going to happen. So, trust HIS plans people, because HE always has one and its always going to work.

Beauty in life


Look around.

There is beauty everywhere!

In the rising sun

In running drops of rain

In the colors of rainbow

In the warmth of hugs

In the kisses of loved ones

In the bond of friendship

In the ties of love

In the smile of strangers

In the fragrance of flowers

In the humming of birds

In the laughter of a child

In the sound of silence

In a warm cup of tea

In a good book

In simply living everyday as it comes

In just being yourself,

There is beauty, everywhere!

So take a moment out of your busy life

And look around!

Love yourself…


When is the last time you did something for yourself, not because someone wanted you to do it, or you are obliged or expected to do it. When have you ever tried not to please the world but yourself ? Do you even remember when did you take some time off and just pampered yourself, travelled because you want to, painted because you like to, danced because you feel like it….??


If you think that pampering one’s own self makes one selfish, let me tell you…you are absolutely wrong. It’s OK if you want to keep others happy, but you know what? You can never do that if you are not happy yourself. You can draw pleasure from others happiness and get joy by fulfilling their expectations but it won’t last long. The expectations never stop and there will be a time when you start feeling wary and resentful.

I may sound pessimistic but all I want you to understand is that, in order to avoid the resentment and regrets later in your life, you need to start living it today. And live it not only for others but yourself. All the love and respect you give others, save some for yourself too.

Know that you deserve all the love and gratification and care, and before expecting those things from others make sure you get it from yourself first. Do something for yourself today. Have a day out, do things you like doing, or don’t do anything at all. Love yourself so that you can love others and they can love you back. Remember, you can spread radiance only if you have it.