We should talk…


Today I am having an extensive desire to have a conversation, a proper, meaningful conversation. It’s been too long since I talked to someone…like really talk, not just those meaningless pleasantries.  I have been asked this week how I was, over a hundred times, and every single time I said “I am OK, great”. What I really wanted was for someone to just ask me again, ask if I am really OK and ask like they mean it but I know they don’t and to be fair, most of the time, neither do I when I ask them the same question in return. You know what? I realized,  People don’t ask you about your well-being because they want to know or care; rather it’s their default reaction towards anyone they meet on daily basis and had to be polite with- a robotic response to human contacts.

I have noticed that romance nowadays has turned into a social media fiasco to make each other jealous of one’s own self-achieved couple goals, instead of being happy about being blessed with  the company of a loved one, people care more about telling the world about it. A sacred shared moment between two people is now being shared to a million people to gain maximum hits and likes, from people who actually don’t give a damn about you.  All this over sharing makes me think, what happened to people who wanted the world to just get lost while in the company of their love, what happened to romance? What happened to genuine conversations and the language of silence?

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

I would love to talk to someone about the state of the world, about the problems of being an adult, about matters of life and love, share with me what’s in that beautiful mind of yours through your presence, words and quietude.  I believe the reason we don’t talk any more is because we avoid sharing anything real and hide behind the unseen yet solid shield of social media. We resort to clicking ‘like’ and ‘share’ instead of actually sharing how we feel in person, because we feel the other person doesn’t want to know, I guess everyone feels that way and in the end we all end up sharing everything which doesn’t matter but nothing which matters.

What I want today is to mourn with you, mourn the loss of good old romance, grief the absence of long heartfelt conversations, and shed a tear over ever growing lack of personal connection. So, talk to me today,may be over a cup of coffee or at the side of the river, and fill the void in my life with words…both spoken and unspoken.

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