‘HE’ has a plan…

Trust me I know. I know when it feels like life is going upside down, like all your plans have been failed that nothing is going as you want it to be. I’ll tell you a secret, everyone feels that way at some point, but everyone gets over that feeling eventually and that’s because life has a tendency to get better and sometimes, even better than the better.


All your plans weren’t working because ‘HIS’ plan was in motion, and one thing that can never go wrong is ‘HIS’ plan. HE has far bigger and better plans than you and I can ever hope to make.


You can not seem to reach the end of the road because HE needs you on the top of the mountain. You were unable to stop the the disaster because you were meant to come out as a survivor. You couldn’t get the one you loved because HE wants you to be with someone who loves you. You can’t sing a song because you are suppose to be writing a book. You didn’t get the dream job because, maybe, HE wants you to lead a revolution and change the world. If something isn’t happening than may be it isn’t suppose to happen and if it really is then it will happen eventually, everything will fall into place because all that is happening right now, the good and the bad, it’s part of the plan.

So if things don’t go as you desired , its only because extraordinary things are going to happen. So, trust HIS plans people, because HE always has one and its always going to work.

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