Love yourself…


When is the last time you did something for yourself, not because someone wanted you to do it, or you are obliged or expected to do it. When have you ever tried not to please the world but yourself ? Do you even remember when did you take some time off and just pampered yourself, travelled because you want to, painted because you like to, danced because you feel like it….??


If you think that pampering one’s own self makes one selfish, let me tell you…you are absolutely wrong. It’s OK if you want to keep others happy, but you know what? You can never do that if you are not happy yourself. You can draw pleasure from others happiness and get joy by fulfilling their expectations but it won’t last long. The expectations never stop and there will be a time when you start feeling wary and resentful.

I may sound pessimistic but all I want you to understand is that, in order to avoid the resentment and regrets later in your life, you need to start living it today. And live it not only for others but yourself. All the love and respect you give others, save some for yourself too.

Know that you deserve all the love and gratification and care, and before expecting those things from others make sure you get it from yourself first. Do something for yourself today. Have a day out, do things you like doing, or don’t do anything at all. Love yourself so that you can love others and they can love you back. Remember, you can spread radiance only if you have it.

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