Who are you?


Don’t tell me that I am skeptic. Did you think you are just going to barge in to my life without me knowing you. Oh come on! Do you even know who you are, have you ever tried to figure out yourself? Like, who are you? Sure you are a living, breathing human, but that’s not what I am talking about. Who are you as a person. How do you describe yourself? And no! I don’t need you to describe yourself like you do in a job interview…nah!

Who are you without your job, your education, your bank status or even your name… I want to know you, the real you. What’s underneath that skin and flesh and bone, what’s behind that facet of confidence and beauty….what’s deep inside that heart of yours…that’s you!


What do you think when you’re alone, do want to be alone? What kind of company you like? Are you satisfied with your life? Is that all you want to be or is there more? What are your dreams, your fears, your limitations?  Would you prefer sun rise or sun set? When you see people happy, smiling around you, how do you feel? Do you want to join in, or do want to go back to your solitary corner?… What are your ideas about life and love? How wild is your imagination….what is your perception of beauty?

So, tell me who you are, show me the real you. It’s only then I am going to let you in….

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