Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: My Take…

So yeah!…bought my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the day of it’s release, no surprises there! Done reading within 5 hours and loved it to bits. Unable to contain my excitement, I am going to share with you guys my take on the Two-Part Play (book form).

(SPOILER ALERT: this article is full of spoilers so continue reading at your own risk)


The story starts exactly from where it’s left off, Harry Potter and his wife Ginny are at the King’s Cross station to see their second son Albus Severus Potter off to Hogwarts. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, now married, are also there as their daughter, Rose, is also going to join Hogwarts along with Albus, who is afraid he might get sorted into Slythrin (A house of Hogwarts School). The kids say their good byes and board the train, up till now everything is what we already know however, once inside the train we get to meet Scorpius, son of Draco Malfoy, and the story of the cursed child begins!

Although, the story is said to be the ‘eighth story of Harry Potter’ but it is in fact the story of Albus and Scorpius, their trials at school and an exemplary bond of their friendship. Albus is your typical irritable teenager with the weight of the reputation of his famous father on his shoulders. He is being relentlessly bullied in school for being sorted in Slythrin and constant comparison with his legend of a father makes him resent his father. On the other hand we have  Scorpius, an adorable dork and everything you wouldn’t imagine Draco’s child to be, falsely rumored to be related to Voldemort, is not having any better life at school than Albus (probably worse). They are both dealing with daddy issues and are burdened by the decision their fathers made in the past and due to this similarity they come close to each other. Their bond is both inspiring and relatable, not to mention truly heart warming and supremely cute.


As time passes Harry’s relationship with Albus becomes more complicated and fragile and one night, on listening to Amos Diggory’s pleas to save his son, Cedric, by using the recently found time-turner; Albus decides to amend his father’s mistake and save Cedric. He includes his best friend Scorpius in his adventure and with the help of Amos’s niece, Delphi, they steal the time-turner and embark on a journey which can not only change the past but also the future and the world as they know it. Naively, they pursue their mission not knowing that what they are endangering is not only their lives but the lives of everyone they ever knew.

We also see Harry struggling with his past decisions and his role as a father, especially with Albus, who is proving out to be bit of a trouble maker. He tries to reach out to him but fails and that frustrates him and he starts making hasty, irrational decision, which he unconvincingly justifies to be for the good of his son. Speaking of struggling fathers, we also have Draco here, he is not having much good luck with his son either, especially after his wife dies and he and Scorpius are left with nothing but the burden of being Malfoys.

Hermione is there as Minister of Magic and Ron does not have much to do in the actual story as he is ‘the-funny-affectionate-uncle Ron’. However as we travel between times we see different version of these two and if nothing else they come out as two people bound by the thread of love no matter which timeline we talk about. ( I knew I wasn’t wrong in shipping them!)


We also get to meet some other fan favorite characters like Dumbledore and Snape. Here I would like to make special mention of two of my favorite scenes, one is the parting scene of Snape where he heroically fights and sacrifices himself yet again to defeat the darkness and the other is the one where Harry has a heated yet emotional conversation with Dumbledore (in Part-II), a serious tear-jerker that was!

In the end, the story was emotional and intense with enough twists and turns to keep you hooked but the best part is the occasional yet well placed humor which keeps the story grounded. It’s definitely an experience Harry Potter fans would not want to miss however, readers will be left with a longing to see all this in action!



PS: Albus and Scorpius are going right down to my list of favorite fictional best friends. They deserve a spot!





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