Change for the better!

So, you think that the storm you have been through has changed you. Well of course it has! It was there to do that only. It hit you and hurt you but you survived it. So what if you are not the same person you were before…You are stronger!

Do not drown yourself into meaningless worries as to what is happening to you. Know that whatever is happening it’s only to shape you up, to make you the person you were always meant be. Its OK that you feel pain a little less now, that doesn’t make you insensitive it makes you gutsy.


Change can be frightening, especially when you are experiencing it within yourself. But, fear not as change is a natural phenomenon and every living soul has to go through a metamorphosis during It’s life span and humans are no different. In fact we experience it more than any other being.

Every hurdle, every obstacle you face in your life changes you bit by bit…making you, breaking you and in the end transforming you into an extraordinary being that is beautiful and strong and is ready to take any storm head on! So, the next time anyone says that you’re not the same, tell them you’re not, because you are better!

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