Don’t get stuck…


The worst  feeling you get in life is not of loosing love or having your heart broken, not even of failing to achieve what you always dreamt of, no! The worst feeling is the one you get when you are stuck, not achieving, not failing, not flying or falling just being stuck. The feeling you get when you want to move but you can’t, you are just standing there rooted to the ground unable to do anything at all. Its a horrible feeling and also the one we all experience at some point of our lives.

The worst part is that it doesn’t really matter if the place you are stuck at is a good one because being pinned down in itself is such an ordeal that having favorable surrounding would go  completely unnoticed because all you care about is yourself not being able to move.

Yes you need to get out of that place, you know why? Because water when flows is energy, its life. But, when water is stagnant? It still supports life but of fungus and bacteria and it becomes stinky. Exactly the way your life starts to suck when you get stuck at one place.

Image of businesswoman in anger breaking metal chain

We need flow, movement, agitation in our lives to make it bearable and chaos to make it live-able. I believe one should never stop trying to break the shackles of normalcy which are only there to hold you back. Movement is revolution and revolution has the power to change the world.

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