The Cursed Child: unlikely allies?


The thing is, I am a little obsessed with “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” nowadays. Searching the Internet for spoilers, pictures, reviews and basically anything I can get my hands on related to the newest addition to the Harry Potter stories. Despite of JK Rowling’s plea to ‘keep the secret’, the internet had been flooded with information (read: spoilers) about the two-part play, and I am one of those horrible people who are glade about it. Sorry Rowling, since I am far far away from London, I needed these to survive until I can get my hands on the script due to release on 31st July. The first looks of our main characters have already been officially released which was enough to sprout interest of the fans and now the internet is going rampant with speculations so as to what is in store for us in the eighth story of Harry Potter.

I have to admit, among all the spoilers ( which I am not going to discuss here) one thing that intrigued me most was the involvement of the Malfoys. To be honest I always wanted a story for the Malfoys. They were complex, dysfunctional family but were always there to save each other. Draco being one of the most misunderstood character has always caught my attention. In the final battle of Hogwarts I so wanted him to join Harry and fight Voldemort, but Rowling had other plans. However, now from the looks of it, it seems I am about to be granted my wish. 


look at this latest spoiler picture where we can see grown-up  Harry, Ron and Draco lined  up to face something or someone. So, here’s to Potters, Weasley-Granger and Malfoys to have finally joined hands to fight a Dark force for the sake of friends and family! (or have they?)



2 thoughts on “The Cursed Child: unlikely allies?

  1. Can’t wait for the cursed child. Social media is flooded about its news n rumours. Hopefully it will be according to the expectations. 😃

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