The ‘madness’ of life!

I believe to survive this world you need to be a little insane- not psychopathic, just a little crazy. You need to deviate yourself from normalcy and tilt slightly towards madness. Its the first step towards your salvation from the monotony of routine.


Life is not waking up every morning and going down on your bed at night and the same rituals in between. Life is the encounters you forgo while performing those rituals, life is the emotions you feel while going through the drill and maneuvering the modus operandi and life is the moments you miss while going around the pattern you call life. Life is living in the moments, enjoying the brightness of the sun and dancing in the rain. life is falling in love with all you have and never backing down. Life is experiencing the heart break but not giving up on love or loyalty. Life is believing in miracle and  magic, and living as though you are standing at the edge of a cliff ready to fall down knowing that something beautiful is waiting for you at the bottom. Life is seeing the other side of the coin, making your own ways no matter how odd that makes you.


Habit gives you control, safety and discipline but it takes away all the excitement. We are not lab rats stuck in a maze, take some pride in being human and realize that we are born with a power to break free. I have always found it hard to believe that people who are too keen to maintain the normalcy are ever truly living, they are just pretending to be alive. One who never dared to be the crazy one occasionally have never really tasted the essence of life, they never come to know how much there is to see out side the realms of their habituation.


To be truthful, if there is no madness in the world sanity will be of no value. Chaos creates a need for discipline, if there is no hustle no one will bother to maintain peace and in the end all hell will break loose. So, in order to maintain the balance of the world we need to incorporate a bit of craziness and a lot of imagination in our everyday life. Recognize the beauty in insanity, be unafraid to be peculiar or for that matter, as mad as Hatter!


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