when we were little


Remember the time when we were little?…when the sun was a little brighter and we laugh a little louder…

Remember that time when we thought we could fly as far as we want and as high…

Remember the time when everything seemed possible…when our world was just a small circle and ruling it was plausible

Remember when the biggest problems we had to solve were of mathematics, when we used to cheat only in examinations and not in love or ethics.

Remember when we never used to question the loyalties… When friends were always friends and enemies were enemies.

Remember the time when we were little…?


One thought on “when we were little

  1. Good piece Fatima. But yar the sun is still very bright and we still laugh very loud. 😉
    Jokes apart, I know what you mean. Iam thankful to God that we had such nice childhood. Nowadays,, even children don’t have that innocence left in them. That is really sad. 😦

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