Modesty is not sexual repression

This is in reference to a blog post I have recently come across. Needless to say that I was really not in agreement with the article’s content. If that would be about a woman and her journey towards her sexual liberation, it would have been OK. I mean it’s uncomfortable but it’s a personal choice. The issue is that the post was not about a person’s choice but a rant on other people’s choices. You accuse people of being judgmental while all this time you do the same.

So, this is a declaration to the world… modesty is not sexual repression, it’s a choice! Yet somehow it’s not accepted as one. Today’s world is so sexually diverse that every now and then you face a conflict of view. The key to handle such situations is by accepting them, accepting does not mean you agree with that it simply implies that you no longer denies its existence.  Now, this can be uncomfortable at times, but this is the way to go by and it’s really fine. I won’t judge you until and unless you judge me. But what actually happens is that we accept sexual liberation but when someone talks about modesty and self-restrain, they are being called conservative. How’s that not judgmental?

If liberalism means accepting than it has to go both ways. If one have to accept you for your choices you have to do the same. Why modesty is being tagged as orthodox and illiberal? Why some choices are being subjected to deprecation? What we need to ask ourselves is that are we really being fair?

This post is not by any means to criticize any individual but a mindset in general, if you want people to accept your choices, sexual or otherwise, start doing the same with others. Stop seeing modesty as a way of self-loathing and recognize it as a choice! I would like to reserve my rights not to display myself as a sexual object and you need to start dealing with it!

One thought on “Modesty is not sexual repression

  1. Liberation is only for unmodest people. If anyone wants to be modest this world will never let them rest. The more liberal you are the better it is. That is the motto these days. I fear that there will come a time when animals will be more modest than humans. You know what i mean.;)

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