Be an original!

It’s really difficult to survive in a land where everyone is trying to change you, either from the goodness of their heart or for purely selfish reasons. It’s distressful to realize that nobody around you is ready to accept you for who you are. Everyone is looking for something else in you, something more. You are constantly being compared to some other person and are left with a feeling of being unwanted. The burden of expectations is so overwhelming that you sometimes want to give in and loose yourself in  someone else’s shadow.

Believe me when I say I know how you feel. Being continually compared to people who are nothing like you but people still want you to be like them for reasons only known to them. I can’t tell you that you can get rid of such people but I can let you know how you can deal with them….by being yourself! You do not need to argue with them because that would lead to nothing but bitterness, all you need to do is start acting like yourself. Show people who you are, let them see your true color. Let people realize by themselves that what they are trying to turn you into is not who you are.


Remember one thing; you are the way you are because God made you this way, if He wanted you to be someone else He would have made you that way. So, never try to change yourself for the sake of blending in. May be God made you to be a stand-out. Perfection and originality are two different things. You may not be perfect, but you most definitely are an original work of art. Do not try to turn yourself into a cheap forgery.

May be you are not as successful or as beautiful as the people you are being compared to, but that doesn’t mean you are any less unique. It’s better to be an average original than a brilliant fake! All the famous people of the world were able to make such big names for themselves because they were not like the lot and they never tried to be. They were distinctive, and that’s how people of the lot were able to recognize them. Take pride in being who you are and let people see and appreciate the real you!

2 thoughts on “Be an original!

  1. Very nice. I have been compared with others, but it never effected me. May be iam a bit too thick skinned. Lol.
    What I believe is that it’s not a big deal if random people compare you and tell you things. But the real problem arises when you are compared with someone by your own family. It breaks you, and you lose your confidence. That is totally devastating!

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