Are you missing passion?


Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.”

— Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,


What happens when you have always been a person everybody ever wanted you be? You were a good son/daughter, a good student, a good employee…you are goodness personified, yet somehow you are unable to enjoy this. For some odd reason you do not feel as content and as accomplished as everybody perceives you to be. You keep asking yourself, what is absent; keep looking for the missing piece of puzzle. You have it all, yet it doesn’t feel enough. Your life is lacking something…something vital. Wonder what’s that? Passion!

You did, all your life, what everyone asks you to do but not what you wanted to…why? Because you don’t want to hurt or disappoint people you love. What you don’t understand is the people who truly love you will never ever stop supporting you even if you choose to walk a path different from what they had expected. They might get disappointed in you, that will be short lived. If they love you they will eventually come to see your point and seeing you content, happy and passionate about what you are doing will ultimately change their opinion.

Stop fearing the people you love and start chasing your passion. Don’t let anyone pull you back; not the fear of disappointment, not the possibility of failure and definitely not the judging eyes of society. Go where your heart is. Yes, there is a probability that you might not succeed at first but you will get somewhere eventually and more than that, you will never have to ponder over questions like what could have been?


If you think your life is missing something, if it feels that their could  be more than what you already have then, do not settle for comfort or mediocrity, success lies outside your comfort zone. Comfort is good but, it’s never exciting, it’s never breathtaking, if anything it sucks you in and settles you down. Passion is what stimulates you with a promise of a life full of thrills and truest of happiness. Take the leap of faith for once and free yourself from all the what ifs and if onlys for life.


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