LOVE- real or not real?

OK-so, this is a confessional post. I would like to come clean with everyone and also wipe away my friends utter disbelieve, once and for all, that I have never been in love. So, here I am admitting that I have in fact been in love, several times. The only problem however is that I have been in love with fictional characters. Yes, now you know the tragedy of my life. Well anyhow I have no regrets. If nothing else, they made me happy for most part of my life.

You know if you compare your fictional love to the real one, you will realize it’s infinitely better. Also, they never do anything you don’t want them to do because they are part of your imagination and they never leave you in times of need. They always support you (if only in your head); they listen to you and never ever burden you with their problems and expectations.

You people might think I am delusional and that probably is true, but if that makes me feel light inside and happy all over, than I am going to be this way for as long as I want, not caring about what people might think. People don’t give us a day’s time when our lives are going upside down; they definitely do not get to judge us for our recreational choices.

So, I would like to thank all the Darcys and Cullens and Salvators,  for being such good imaginary boyfriends and making my life easier to live. Thank you for taking such good care of me…Love you guys!

2 thoughts on “LOVE- real or not real?

  1. Nice. It is true that for most part of our teenage years we constantly fall in love with fictional characters. Even I. The story they are not perfect but they do have some major qualities that keep us thinking about them. Real life is way different from fictional. And one has to bear even the “karwa” part of the other person. 😉

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