your happiness, your choice!

“Happiness is not by chance, but by choice.” – Jim Rohn

Don’t involve yourself with people who are negative and always whining and complaining about others. Learn to be happy by focusing on the good around you and ignoring the bad. Stay away from negative people because they infect you with the same virus that they are afflicted with, the “blaming virus.”


Dealing with pressures of life like that of studies and social reputation, transformation to adulthood, work stress and midlife crisis is something everyone goes through; but how many of them do it well is an entirely different question. At times one feels so suffocated that he/she wants to run away if only to breathe for a while. But that’s not a solution! I used to think how do other people do that? And then one day I found an answer. I picked up a book – a romantic comedy from a well-known author of that genre, and started reading it. In that book the protagonist used to block out all the bitchy, cynical and negative people and always does what she felt like. I decided to try that out just for the fun of it and voila! That worked like magic.

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I was happier, focused and felt light inside. Unburdened and free from negativity I started seeing life from a different perspective, realized how beautiful it looked without the grey clouds of pessimism. God bless that author and the book which I still have as my most prized possession.

So, what I am trying here is motivating you to be happy. Find inspiration, not necessarily from a fictional romance, but in anything and everything. Find inspiration in people, music, art, nature or better, be an inspiration. Fill yourself and your thoughts with goodness and optimism and block out all adversaries that draw you to depression. Make a choice today; take responsibility for your own happiness rather than wait for someone else to deliver that to you and end up being disappointed. Count on yourself for your contentment and you will never have to face that disappointment again.

Remember, you have every right to be happy and what path you choose for it is your choice only, nobody can judge you for that, and if they do then, well just block them out too!!

One thought on “your happiness, your choice!

  1. True! People never want us to be happy. They keep finding faults and flaws in us and our lifestyles. One has to keep everyone at a distance. May it be your office or your family or friends, getting involved with anyone will totally ruin your life. so much I can write about your topic, but I shall just stop myself here. Adios.

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