My favorite fictional best friends

Although I have truly incredible friends in real life, but there are still certain fictional characters that I always wish I knew and befriended. These are the kind of people who give life to the story by being just fantastically themselves and sometime, just sometimes you end up remembering the story for them and not for the story itself.

So, here is my list of favorite fictional best friends. I am sure you people would like to meet them too.

1- Harry-Ron-Hermoine


Come on, is there anyone who does not love this trio from the Harry Potter series? they are not only a part of internationally best selling book series and a successful movie franchise, they are also the companions of my childhood. I grew with with too! and they occupy a special place in my heart. Their friendship is heart warming as well as inspiring.

2- Dory and Marlin


Remember Finding Nemo? and remember the cute-little-forgetful-blue fish Dory? I loved the dynamics between Dory and Marlin (the clown fish whose son Nemo has been kidnapped by a diver). Two small fishes set out to find Nemo in the big bad scary ocean with no one but each other to count on, is nothing short of exceptional. Also, how can one forget Dory’s catchy song “just keep swimming”

3- Jonathan and Dean


I don’t know if you are familiar with this movie called ‘Serendipity‘ but its a really good one. also, it has one of the craziest, cutest friendship between the male lead Jonathan and his best friend,Dean, that you just cant help but love it. You know, I would really like to have a friend who would go on a wild goose chase with me on a workday and jumps on a plane with me in the middle of the night to find my one true love…no questions asked!

4- Joyce Conway and her Dad


Well, its a father-daughter relationship from a book ‘Thanks for the memories‘ by Cecilia Ahern, but they are such adorably interesting characters that i would really like to befriend them in real. Joyce, after a traumatic experience sets out on an adventure to figure out the bizarre things happening to her and she drags along her 75 years old Irish Dad with her, who adds all the more color to the adventure. The way these two hold on to each other for emotional support is truly beautiful.

5- Sherlock and Dr. Watson

No matter which version or incarnation of Sherlock Holmes we talk about, one thing is always constant and that is the friendship between Sherlock and Dr. Watson. Sherlock, as we all know is not an easy person to be with, but Watson manages it and how! Watson is  Sherlock’s anchor, the voice of reason in his noisy ‘mind palace’.

6- House and Wilson


A medical-thriller TV series ‘House MD‘ has these two magnificent characters namely, Dr. House and Dr. Wilson who are also best friends and colleagues at work. Two socially dysfunctional, co-dependent medical professionals. One cynical and sarcastic beyond tolerance and the other kind and generous beyond reason, together they are BFF goals!




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